The Pros:

  • Loves distilling big ideas down to a clear, concise message
  • Knows how to collaborate with cross-functional product, design, and engineering teams to deliver the goods
  • Thinks strategically, even when dealing with the nitty-gritty

The Cons:

  • Lives with an aversion to three-dimensional dots (read: trypophobia)
  • Doesn't get what all the fuss is about Star Wars
  • Quotes You've Got Mail on a regular basis

Street cred:

  • UX Copy Lead (2018) at LearnVest, a Northwestern Mutual company (2016-now)
  • Senior UX Copywriter (2016) at LearnVest, a Northwestern Mutual company (2016-now)
  • Financial Paraplanner Qualified Professional™ (RP/FPQP) by the College of Financial Planning (2017)
  • Marketing and Customer Analytics, American Express (2011-2016)
  • BA in Journalism and Economics, New York University (2006-2009)
  • Ad hoc personal statement editor (forever and always)

Recent Work

  • UX on


    Lifting the tone and voice of Northwestern Mutual's online experience, as part of the company's rebrand to be a more holistic and approachable financial planning company.

  • Plan Tracker

    Sept 2016 — Present

    Developing messaging hierarchy and narrative for Northwestern Mutual's new financial planning product, a digital tool that helps users to follow their financial plan and view their progress online.

    Image coming soon.

  • Log In and Registration

    Jan 2017 — Present

    Crafting a new log in and account registration experience aimed at welcoming new users into the Northwestern Mutual brand with a seamless security integration, updated look, and down to earth tone.

  • Mona the Retirement Chatbot

    January - June 2017

    Developed the voice and style of a chatbot that could make retirement planning accessible to millennials and the YPM market.

Other Fun Things


approxably /əˈprɒksəbli/ adj. an approximation that is also likely I've driven down this road a dozen times- the gas station is approxably four blocks away.

quantilty /ˈkwän(t)əldē/ n. of or relating to the simultaneous quality and quantity of a thing I want to spend meaningful time with you, and often; I want quantilty time with you.

spance /spans/ n. of or relating to the many dimensions of something—its width, breadth, depth— all at once, both physically and metaphysically When I'm feeling lost, I often ponder the spance of the ocean.